Strong Concept

When I was looking for an online service to send a unique gift to a friend, I came across (not my choice). And I just couldn’t help smiling… it’s such a strong concept. Basically you can buy something without having to choose a type, title or color. You can choose ‘a cd’, ‘a gift’ or ‘a t-shirt’ not knowing which particular music, surprise or print they’ll choose to send. That way you can always tell the birthdayboy/girl ‘Sorry… not my choice’ without feeling bad about it;-). The comments of previous clients are hilarious… products like a burka, a reggae cookbook or a language course Papiamentu have been sent to them.

You can also order ‘something’ and apparently that something sure is fancy because it’ll cost you 95 euro;-). Check it out and surprise yourself and others!


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