Photo-Journal: Days with my Father

During my uni-years i had a night-watch job at an elderly home. Since those times I’ve a weak spot for old people. I just can’t help it. The way they’re wise and a bit helpless at the same time intrigues me. That’s why I simply have to share this beautiful project with you. Philipp Toledo’s ‘Days with my father’ is an extremely moving photo-journal about his aging father, who’s experiencing more and more memory problems.

What I like about the story’s, is that you often can’t decide if they’re funny or sad. For example when Phillipp asks his 98 year old dad to look in the mirror, this happens: ‘He was so horrified with his own appearance, that he refused to leave the house until he found a ‘black pencil’ to dye his white hair with’.

Check out these honest, loving, excellent photo’s:


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