Knitting Clock

I often have the feeling that time slips through my fingers. You can’t capture it, happy and memorable moments are gone when the minutes, hours or days passed by. That’s why I sometimes feel a bit sad at New Years Eve or the day before my birthday. What is left of a year but memories? This knitting clock designed by Siren Elise Wilhelmson changes all that;-). Each half hour it’s making one stitch. A day is marked by a complete circle of stitches and after a year you’ve got a 2 meter long scarf! Amazing isn’t it?

I like how this designer transforms time in something physical… history of the passed year that you can feel on your shoulders when wearing the scarf. But also the unknitted wool on display, as a sign of how much time is left of the current year. In an updated version I imagine she could even add different colored ink-pads. Owners could activate a different color by putting the pad against the thread. De colors can correspond with moods. At the end of the year you not only have a scarf, but a complete diary to put around your neck;-). Hopefully a lot of good memories to keep you warm… outside as well as inside;-). Check:


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