Mobile Caravan Stores: New Trend?

mobile workplace

Lately I’m reading more and more exciting stories about creative people who take their businesses on the road. Not by arranging expensive tours or projects abroad, but just by pimping a cheap old caravan and transform it into a vintage shop, art gallery or workspace.

Is it too early to call it a new trend? The financial crisis also hit hard in the creative industry. A caravan seems to be the perfect solution when you can’t afford to rent a workshop anymore.  I somehow think it’s also connected to the webshop-fenomenon. Webshops and caravan shops both are low-key, very flexible an usually managed by one person. The big difference: it’s a very Real Life Experience to travel, meet people and sell stuff at the same time. It shows how work and traveling combined can be a unique, creative lifestyle that is free and simple. Downsizing doesn’t have to be a negative thing. A true inspiration for the year to come!


3 thoughts on “Mobile Caravan Stores: New Trend?

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