Guerilla Installations: Swing on Subway

swing on metro

Since I live in Hong Kong, I spend a lot of time on the subway. And although it’s very convenient and fast, fellow-commuters aren’t the most inspiring or cheerful company you can imagine, right?! A couple of years ago a group of people installed three swings overnight on a BART train in San Francisco. Look how everyone is laughing and connecting because of those swings!

I truly believe that change in the everyday monotonous routine, makes people happier, creative and more talkative! Unfortunately the Metro-people removed those swings almost immediately. But in the spirit of this guerilla installation, Caroline Woolard developed a DIY metro-swing. Disguised as a bag, you can take it with you wherever you plan to go and it can be hooked around the handrails very easily. Check out this little youtube movie.

Why I would like to try this in Hong Kong? Of course to connect with others in a fun way but also to make a bit more room for myself, when people violate my private space;-). A win-win situation, right?


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