3 Creative Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

infograph resume

Work-issues seem to haunt us more and more nowadays, especially in Europe where people still struggle with financial downfall. It’s harder to compete on the job-market for a more limited number of interesting positions. How can you make your resume stand out when you’re applying for a job? Three simple suggestions:

  • Use a quote to say what you stand for. A quote I like for example: ‘Be not simply good; be good for something’ (Thoreau) 
  • Make a bullet list of goals and motivators to show your passions.
  • Turn your resume into an infographic to make it more intuitive for people to read and get rid of the standard chronological list of achievements.

Last year I transformed some resumes into inforgraphics and all people got back to me with a surprising amount of interviews and job-offers! It was just so great to see it really worked;-) This illustration is one of the graphs I made for a resume last week. It’s a timeline with all kinds of icons that refer to color-coded text-boxes in which education and work-experienced are summed up.

If you want me to work on you resume as well and make it really stand out, drop me a line. (E 97.00 / HKD 960.00 for 1 resume-transformation)


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