Trend: the Rise of the Minipreneur


Friends, the last couple of weeks I’m reading so many interesting stories about minipreneurs, it really inspired me. The idea of having a side-business or multiple businesses, feels like a real positive response-trend to crisis-hit industries.

Think of people who can’t make promotions that easily anymore in there day-to-day jobs. They start a micro-business on the side, as a way to keep learning and keep feeling challenged. Or others who turn a hobby into something they can make a bit of extra cash with. There are even people who change multiple personal projects into a carreer like Tina Roth, a New York based designer who quit designing because her blog (, app (Teux Deux), breakfast lectures (Creative Mornings) and temporary tattoo shop (Tattly) were doing so well. Love it!

freelancers, weekend entrepreneurs, web-driven entrepreneurs, free agents, cottage businesses, seniorpreneurs, co-creators, mompreneurs, pro-ams, solopreneurs, eBay traders, advertising-sponsored bloggers… you’re really on to something. I will watch you closely;-) I think this trend will result in a huge amount of new (and often surprising) content, ideas and products.

photo: minipreneur Yastik Izi from Turkey has a very nice etsy-shop with ‘handmade dreams’;-)



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