The Cottage Industry

cottage industry3

We all can appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But have you ever wished you could see what bees see when they’re nestling IN one? Now you can! ‘Big Bloom’ greatly enlarges any flower due to it’s flat magnifying lens. Isn’t it great? I love how you suddenly see much more of the complex beauty of a flower. You really don’t need to buy a whole bouquet anymore to generate an explosion of color in your interior;-)

‘Big Bloom’ is invented by a talented designers-couple from Rotterdam. They’re friends of my old workshop-buddy in Amsterdam ceramist Margit Seland. So I had the opportunity to meet them once briefly. They were such modest, sensitive and friendly people, that I’m not surprised they came up with a discerningly, clever product like this.

They’re both successful designers and teachers individually, but together they have their joined little label: The Cottage Industry. With The Cottage Industry-products they want to transfer simple wisdom by engaging mental participation of consumers. Results are successful since they make beautiful, witty things. At least that’s how I feel. What do you say;-)?


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