Off-line Inspiration


We all need space, physically and mentally, to create. A desk. A corner. For the lucky ones: bright, airy studios where we can set our hands to work. Increasingly though, our space is mediated, and often cluttered, by the online space of the Internet.

A very interesting project was done, with this idea in mind, by writer and artist Christina Crook. After half a year’s consideration, she stepped completely off-line for an entire month. The time was filled with a flurry of inspiration. Books were read, projects were completed. She chronicled the project with a letter a day, sharing the thoughts, ‘aha’s, and frustrations of her off-line existence. You can read about it in her e-book: Letters from a Luditte, What I learned about 31 day’s off-line.

Would love to be as brave as Christina en start working more off-line on those side projects that for years now, only exist in my head;-). (Via)


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