Temporary Graffiti with Chinese Umbrella brush


Designer Liu Hsiang-Ling brings back pleasures from the past that we have long forgotten; jumping into puddles or using a stick to draw in the sand! She made this Rain Brush Umbrella, designed with a typical Chinese paint-brush tip, so that you can dip it into the nearest rain puddle and start drawing water graffiti on the sidewalk. The idea of using a rainy day to create something unexpected is a wonderfully creative one, refusing to give in to the common perception of rainy days as depressing! Love it!

Liu has pointed out in her observation: ‘When people are waiting for the rain to stop, the interaction between people and umbrella is the most frequent activity. People usually use their umbrellas to leave a mark on the ground with raindrops, and those unintentional games are the consequences of a raining day; maybe they are tic-tac-toe or just graffiti on the road. When they use the umbrella tip (ferrule) to dip into a puddle, water and ground become elements for self-expression’. (Via)


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