First Banner Vending Machine


Many people will be familiar with the sight of families and friends lined up in the arrival hall of airports, anxiously waiting to welcome their loved ones, and displaying home-made banners to add an extra dimension to the occasion. In the Netherlands there’s even a complete tv-show dedicated to that. But… no need for DIY-banners anymore.. I spotted this banner-making vending machine at Schiphol Airport last week. I think it’s awesome!

Since we’re traveling back to Europe at least twice a year, there wasn’t anyone waiting for us. But I still cherish the welcome I got 7 years ago when I arrived dirty, skinny and tired at Schiphol after my first long trip in Thailand. “You see a lot of bed sheets with dripping paint lines,” said Oliver Janssen, who came up with the idea. Under the name BannerXpress, he and his friend introduced what they believe to be the only airport banner-making vending machine in the world.

Through just a few simple steps and within minutes your personal designed banner is printed. The banner machine offers several option to personalize the product. You can choose different sizes and themes and you can add your own image and obviously your message. Can someone make me a banner next time;-)? Just love it!


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