You can make the Mondrian


Some art with your coffee today;-)? This cake, based on Mondrian’s iconic Composition in Red, Yellow & Blue, 1935-42, has been served since 2009 in the legendary SFMOMA Rooftop Garden cafe, a museum cafe in LA. The recipe is in this book: Modern Art Desserts, written by Caitlin Freeman. So you can make the Mondrian yourself!

Caitlin spent years crafting unique pastries for the SFMOMA’s cafe, taking cues from artists like Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Henri Matisse and Jeff Koons. The Mondrian however is still one of her biggest hits, so now you can even order your own for 75 USD here.

The amazing thing is that Caitlin apparently creates a new desert for each new show in the museum. She even has her own crowd of fans who specifically come to see her cakes instead of the artwork in the museum;-).


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