Projects on Wheels

rollende keukens

I love projects on wheels. From mobile bookshops to movable workshops… the flexibility, nomad-lifestyle and sheer creativity of these ‘businesses on a budget’ just really appeals to me! It’s why I hate to miss an awesome event that is taking place as we speak in Amsterdam; The Rolling Kitchen Weekend!

During this weekend, dozens of mobile kitchens descend upon a park in the west of Amsterdam to create an enormous open air restaurant! People hunt around for favourite dishes and pick up their order at the most amazing food trucks, RV’s, caravans, VW busses and tricycles. A couple of my favorites in terms of looks (sadly I could only drool on pics this year:))

– De koffiekever: a lovely small coffee & tea shop in a tiny olive green kever built in 1982 ready to serve the best organic coffee and create some good vibes. Love how the guys put a lot of effort in the details as well (like their outfits with the bow-ties and braces… nice!). Check out more about them here.

– Buskruid: this soupbus, a converted old fire-truck, also really stole my heart. Bus-kruid means ‘bus-herbs’ but in Dutch it also means ‘gunpowder’. This van is all about simple but fresh dishes and you can book Buskruid to cater your party at any location.

If you still want to go to Rolling Kitchens, today is your last chance. If you do go, tell the vendors that they can drive all the way to Hong Kong if they feel like a real adventure. I’ll welcome them with open arms:).


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