Housing Hong Kong Infographic


This is pretty much the housing skyline of Hong Kong. A shocking 62% of all Hongkongers lives in a public or private housing estate.

I promised regular updates on the boring city our housing estate research; we’re making progress! One of our articles got accepted as part of the Open Society project of ArchiNed and the Dutch Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. It is going to be published early July. To be continued….

Funny… I found out that my research partner Inge Goudsmit is not only a very talented architect but also a real data-cruncher😉 we made some nice infographics with all the numbers that were generated. I did this housing skyline yesterday. Like:)?


2 thoughts on “Housing Hong Kong Infographic

  1. Nice, but also deceiving, especially the two houses on the left . Compare them and you see that the surface area of the second house is relatively much larger then its height. This gives a distorted image that will lead a reader to believe that the difference between th first and the second house is much larger then it really is. Classical Neurathian example, but he used brides and bridegooms to demonstrate this effect ; ).

    • Hi Wibo, I really appreciate your comment, thanks! We already tweaked the image in the final version for MONU-magazine a bit. The idea was not so much: showing the differences between the houses but more communicating the dissimilarity between the black and blue parts of the visual. Looks like your working on some interesting projects yourself… will try to find/follow you on Twitter:)!

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