Exhibition Time and Again

Time and again

As this year is coming to an end soon, I must say that time seems to go faster and faster the older I become. An awesome Palais Royal exhibition about the evolution of women’s watches over a period of 150 years, gave me the chance to work with this very interesting concept and contemplate it at the same time:).

I learned that before the 1920’s, women’s watches had very small clock-face’s, a watch was more a piece of jewellery because well-off ladies didn’t need to keep track of time since they didn’t have anything important scheduled in their lives of leisure.

In the catalogue we also used a timeline:) to educate the mostly Chinese visitors a bit about all the different style periods in 19th and 20th century Europe (Edwardian Era, Art Deco, etc). The logo was and abstract diamond that resembles a clock. By leaving out different pieces of the diamond (pointers) for different era’s or locations, it looks like the clock shows a different time.

You can still visit the exhibition untill 15th of december on Hollywoord road, Hong Kong.


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