Taste the Language: Chocolatexture


Nine chocolates that have identical ingredients but taste completely different because the distinctive textures of each chocolate creates a different taste. I find this a an incredibly intriguing idea. The mini sculptures feature pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures.

According to Oki Sato (Nendo), each of the chocolate types were inspired by an onomatopoeic word from the Japanese language that describes texture. The chocolates correspond with words like “toge toge” (sharp pointy tips), “sube sube” (smooth edges and corners) and “zara zara” (granular, like a file).

Chocolatexture was created for the Maison & Objet trade fair currently taking place this week in Paris. 400 limited edition Chocolatexture sets were created and will be sold during the event in Paris at the Chocolatexture lounge. “Taste the words”… not a figure of speech anymore:).


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