Reli-Heritage: My favorite Places #3


We’re talking a lot about reli-heritage lately…how it should be re-used in a post-christian society and how you can keep the space (semi) public. Churches are meant to be open for everyone. Willem is working on a couple of fascinating projects at the moment so somehow we keep discussing interesting concepts and best-practices.

This weekend we ended up in a super cool Bed & Breakfast that can definitely be marked as a successful concept. It used to be an old little baptist church from the early 20th century. The congregation consisted of +/- 50 people. This group decided to sell the place ten years ago (since they also had a similar small church in a nearby town).

Currently this former religious building in Zeerijp (Groningen) is not just a B&B but the bigger spaces are also used as a venue for retreats and yoga-classes. The place also hosts little singer-songwriter concerts and coaching sessions. Of course -in terms of reli-heritage- it’s a mini-project, done by just one (super creative) couple on a budget, but the atmosphere is extremely vibrant. It’s a place that attracts not only locals but (thanks to the B&B) people who seek rest and peace from all over the world. You should check it out.


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