Design is everywhere. Our world is literally shaped by it. A brand, location or business cannot communicate its identity in words alone. Visual elements are powerful instruments to engage and clarify. Studio Refill is a design studio, founded in Hong Kong and currently based in Amsterdam. The main objective is seizing visual opportunities to connect.

Adrienne Simons is a Dutch graphic designer and freelance journalist, who holds a Master in Arts at Utrecht University. She lived for five years in China, arriving in Hong Kong right in the middle of the intense but successful protests against the introduction of patriotic curriculum on HK schools. From that very first moment the city became an immense fascination for her. She writes mostly about (socio-political) trends in China for different Dutch media and she really enjoys making data visualization and other designs through her studio for clients in China and Europe.

Willem Jan de Hek is a Dutch registered architect who holds a Master in Architecture at Delft University of Technology and a Bachelor in Building Technology at Utrecht University of Applied Science. After graduating he has been working in architectural practice, real estate development and investment industry in Europe and Asia. He worked on over fifty developments, varying in scale from hotel interiors to mixed-use retail developments and from industrial buildings to church interiors. He was a visiting critic and lecturer at Hong Kong University. Being able to work in different contexts and cultures has been a most instructive experience for him.

If you want to contact us, feel free to shoot us an email. This is our address:  info@studiorefill.com


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  1. Hallo, dit is een mailtje voor Adrienne Simons. Hier Bart Coenders. Ik maak een serie in Opdracht van Omroep Brabant over Brabanders in het buitenland. Ik kwam jou tegen op het blog van Annemarelle van Schayik. (ook een Brabo). Ben jij toevallig ook een Brabantse? Alvast bedankt voor je reactie, Bart Coenders ‘het gevoel van daar’ info@bartcoenders.com

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