Refill Work

Studio Refill works for clients in both Europe and Asia, varying from real estate investors to NGO’s and private clients. Its scope of services includes urban design, architectural design, graphic design and creative research. Over the past years the studio has been involved in a broad range of projects, including the restyling of several magazines, graphic design for a number of online expressions and apps, conceptual design services for potential real estate developments and research for inner-city heritage redevelopment projects. Here is what we do:

RESEARCH We believe in design that respects cultural contexts, clarifies complex data and enriches personal experiences. Good research is essential for design that makes sense. It’s easy to make ‘facades’ without real content. We think it’s much more interesting to study context, culture, history and make visual translations that are meaningful.

By the way, research is not only the most essential part – it is also most fun part of the process. Studio Refill worked on different independent research projects. Topics included: The rise of the coffee-shop in China, Housing Estates in Hong Kong and Women’s Language in China.

GRAPHIC DESIGN A visual identity evokes a feeling. A logo for example, is a vehicle that distills a project’s purpose and personality into a singular symbol. While a vision statement may clarify the overarching objectives and characteristics, the visual identity works to capture all of these ideas and boil them down to their essence.

Studio Refill has developed visual identities or graphic elements for organizations, businesses, events, festivals, schools, NGO’s, publications, magazines etc. Our services include Logo Design, Logo Applications, Brand Marks, Branding Palettes and Positioning, Naming Studies and Style Guides, Trend-briefings, Infographics, Maps, Packaging, Book-design, Brochures, Business cards, Visuals etc.

DESIGN CONSULTANCY For clients working on urban design developments, both small and large, Studio Refill offers an extra pair of eyes. Our design consultancy comprises of conceptual sketches, feasibility studies, design management and more.

Studio Refill has been involved in some large-scale mixed used developments in China, amongst others in Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha. On the other hand, the studio also offered advice in the redevelopment of historical artifacts in Amsterdam. Finally, the studio has a special interest in religious buildings, managing sacred building developments in Hong Kong and Nepal.

WRITING Apart from that, Adrienne has been writing about Asian and Chinese consumer trends as a contributing editor for a Dutch daily newspaper (Nederlands Dagblad). Articles she wrote, also appeared in NRC Next, Trouw, FD, Skipr Magazine, Asian News, Opzij, Hollandse Nieuwe, One World Magazine, MONU magazine and on the China crowd-blog


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