Chinese Itchy Scalp Ads

itchy scalpitchy scalp2

When I saw this shampoo campaign for the first time, I thaught it was disgusting. But it really sticks with me somehow. And after all, every shampoo brand has to find it’s niche right;-). It just makes me think of some of those Chinese taxi-drivers I had rides with, that were scratching their heads constantly with long dirty fingernails… yuk;-)

But when I came to think about it: itchy scalps can often be likened to insects crawling all over one’s head, which the Yunnan Baiyao Yang Yuanqing ad campaign visualizes perfectly. The ads were conceived and executed by BC&T, an ad agency based in Hangzhou. Although disturbing, I’m slowly starting to like their work;-). (Via)


Luggage Tag Words


Couldn’t help but post this great ad campaign today, for I’m heading to the airport myself tonight;-). I just love these Expedia luggage tag ads, done by Ogilvy & Mathers. Very clever!

The creative idea is the brainchild of Jon Morgan and Mike Watson. The two were walking though Heathrow Airport in London when they saw a woman with the word FUK on her luggage. When they realized she had just flown in from Fukuoka, Japan, they started wondering about other IATA tags that formed words. Artwork that’s inspired by a real muse, where do you find that nowadays;-).

Check out more Expedia ads from this series here. I’m off to Australia;-)!