Exhibition Vintage Jewellery

parisian zoophoto 6

Some projects are so lovely to work on that you hate to finish them. End of this summer I worked on the catalogue and exhibition-printwork / window stickers for a very special exhibition called Parisian Zoo. It was a 2 week event all about vintage animal jewellery organised by the experts of Palais Royal in Hong Kong.

For the catalogue I used the idea of an old-fashioned zoo with different sections. Every page had a different product-photo and each time a different section/text-box was filled with details. It was really a pleasure to work with these art and design loving people:)


How to Write a Good Newspaper Ad


Newspaper ads are one of the most misunderstood ways of advertising. You have to be aware of one very important thing: people read the paper for news and information, not because they need anything or are interested in your product. Below three suggestions that help you make an effective ad:

  • Make a little story instead of an description by using an attention getting, benefit driven headline, a little infographic or a relevant picture;
  • Include a big promise and make sure it’s followed by a clear ‘call to action’;
  • Don’t use too much copy if the ad looks chaotic and too full, people don’t even bother to read it.

This ad was printed in the South China Morning Post this weekend. I made it for Hong Kong based Tax/Law Firm Triple Eight as part of it’s bigger media-campaign. Check out that yummy egg-tart;-)

Luggage Tag Words


Couldn’t help but post this great ad campaign today, for I’m heading to the airport myself tonight;-). I just love these Expedia luggage tag ads, done by Ogilvy & Mathers. Very clever!

The creative idea is the brainchild of Jon Morgan and Mike Watson. The two were walking though Heathrow Airport in London when they saw a woman with the word FUK on her luggage. When they realized she had just flown in from Fukuoka, Japan, they started wondering about other IATA tags that formed words. Artwork that’s inspired by a real muse, where do you find that nowadays;-).

Check out more Expedia ads from this series here. I’m off to Australia;-)!