Autumn Issue Hollandse Nieuwe

HN herfst 2014

A new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out (I did the lay-out and design as usual). The theme of this magazine is Autumn Blues and it’s about all the lovely festivals, concerts and music-events in Hong Kong this autumn. Very practical to be up-to-date again myself on the secret music venues where all the ‘cool cats’ go:). You can read/see the complete magazine here (in Dutch).


DIY Knitted Coffee Sleeve

knitted coffee sleeve2

I love Autumn, and I love my take-away coffee in Autumn even better! Finally I don’t have to order it iced anymore;-). This knitted coffee sleeve adds just that extra cozy touch to a nice cuppa, don’t you think? I found this one on whirly bird’s blog and I think it’s the perfect refilling, chilly evening project for a not-so-talented knitter like myself;-).

Food concept: Edible Spoon


Pumpkin soup… finally it’s that time of the year that we can enjoy the sweet, lovely taste of comforting autumn soups again. I really like this season, although in Hong Kong we still don’t have to wear sweaters, you feel a cool breeze when you step outside and the air is crispy fresh when you go for a walk in the morning.

As I was browsing the internet for a nice recipe of pumpkin soup, I stumbled upon this super funny edible spoon. A great alternative for a boring breadstick and it is so easy to make with some puff pastry and grated cheese. Highly original to use for a foodconcept photo-shoot or just a casual dinner. Check out the whole recipe and template of the spoon here at the super inspiring, creative blog mejuffrouw Ekster (miss magpie).