Characters Kids Book

Meet the characters of the new kids book I’m working on with (and for) Marianne Timmer. It’s going to become a book in which kids can contribute to the story as well. I’m very curious what kind of adventures we’re gonna experience with these two;-). I’ll keep you posted!

Co-created Report Economic Affairs

Summer has arrived and that means: time to evaluate the first half of 2012. When I flipped trough my projects I realized that co-creation is one of the things that I love about this work. I did the design-part of this book for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague in close collaboration with the editor and project leader. Although the project started slow, eventually there was such a positive vibe!

The report is about how to manage a shopping street and cope with safety issues, diversity, economic downfall, internet shopping. The illustrations consisted of an ongoing shopping street on every page. The topics that were discussed in the text, kind of ‘happened’ on the street below. Also the charts were fully integrated in the street.

Eye-candy for Typography Lovers

As a font-junky I’m always on the lookout for special typography projects. This project caught my eye. It once again struck me how in chinese language, typography and images sometimes blend together. The text you read, is a perfect illustration at the same time, isn’t that awesome?!

The title of this book is 百家姓 Chinese Hundred Surname. It’s meant to explain the importance of the Chinese surname. Read more about this project: