Papercup Bookmarks

PPC bookmarks

If you don’t have any plans yet for this beautiful public holiday (and you’re based in Hong Kong), come over to The Bookshop in Mui Wo on Lantau island! I stocked up new Papercup bookmarks and cards, and we have lovely new summer reads which you don’t want to miss out on:).


Mobile Bookshop with Special Story

tell a story1tell a story2tell a story3

“Because we believe there’s no better way to remember a journey than by a book. And that nothing makes one travel more than reading.”… That’s the reason why ‘Tell a Story’ came to live, a mobile bookshop that sells translated Portugese literature to non-Portugese speakers. The main objective: to promote Portugal as a country of stories and great storytellers! I’m in love with this project!!

During summer, the mobile bookshop travels to some of Portugal’s popular tourist spots to sell Portuguese literature by authors like Saramago, de Queiroz, and Pessoa. I really like how they executed the branding with all these lovely stationary-items, also for sale in the bookshop.

Another cool thing: the team created a typeface, called ‘Writers’ Font’, based on the handwriting of the featured Portuguese authors to “inspire you to write like them”. What a great idea in this age of computers and smart phones!

Disappearing Ink Book


Amazing: a book that only lasts two months after you’ve opened it. Eterna Cadencia, an Argentinean indie publisher and bookshop, released ‘The Book That Can’t Wait’ last year, using a special ink that starts to disappear once it comes into contact with air and light.

The stunt was aimed at helping first time authors to get their stories read, rather than waiting on the shelf. This time you’re on a time limit: “Books are very patient objects. We buy them, and then they wait for us to read them. Days, months, even years. That’s OK for books, but not for new authors. If people don’t read their first books. They’ll never make it to a second.” Watch the charming little clip about the project here.

For those with busy lives, finishing a book can be an elusive task continually pushed to the bottom of to-do lists, right along with reorganizing a closet and learning French. I really like how Eterna Cadencia used creative new means of technology to make this urgent statement about books.

Hike & Read Book Sleeves


I worked on the new Summer ‘Hike & Read’ selection today for The Bookshop in Mui Wo. We featured some lovely secret places in Hong Kong. Read Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’ in a natural infinity pool or Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘Fearful Symmetry’ at a beautiful Victorian cemetery. Come and get your summer reads this weekend at our place, you’ll have our Hong Kong secrets as a bonus;-)

Papercup: Bookshop Stationary

2013 0530 bookmark

‘Let us read and let us dance, these to amusements will never do any harm to the world’ This quote is on one of the new series of bookmarks I made for the bookshop (where I work every Thursday;-)).

The bookmarks have quotes on them of famous writers about reading. As of today you can purchase them in the Mui Wo bookshop on Lantau Island. Truly a wonderful place to go to, if you’re a book-lover, that is. I will put them in the Papercup webshop next week too;-). (Pre-order a set of 5 for HKD35/ E3.50 to hand out to your bookclub-friends;-))

Papercup Cards in Bookshop

Very happy to announce that some of the Papercup cards are gonna be sold in two bookshops in Hong Kong! We still have to work out the details of the consignment but I’m already so excited about it. I know for sure, people would love the cards/posters more if they could actually see the quality of the print work and touch the paper. Selling online has it’s advantages but definitely also downsides, right?!

I’ll let you know more details when the cards are in the bookshops. Until then you can purchase from the webshop If you want to sell papercup stuff too, send me an email.