Starry Urban Discovery UD

Starry Starry… City! I made these business cards for one of my favorite Hong Kong companies: Urban Discovery. Their goal is to keep heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future… to reach that goal they develop all kinds of cool stuff like an iDISCOVER app for city-walks with all kinds of hidden gems in it. They have an amazing food-tour and on top of that they make awesome products as well (looking forward to the kids-book about Hong Kong that is being published in 2014).

Of course there’s also the serious part of the business where they help Asia’s rapidly changing cities redefine their heritage. They advise governments with historic city centers, reach out to developers that want to capitalise on the social and cultural investment potential of heritage buildings and work with NGOs to engage the community in heritage revitalisation projects. Urban Discovery consists of lovely people with strong ideals in their area of industry… where do you find such ‘gems’ in the city nowadays:)

Alternative Networking


Why do most of us love to meet new people… but hate going to networking events? I spent some time pondering on that. My thoughts resulted in a new personal network-strategy. One that is a bit of an experiment… so please let me know what you think:).

I’m not a shy person and I love to have a good discussion about any given topic, but I still feel aversion when I’m entering the networking-arena. Probably the main reason why I don’t like networking is because I feel ranked all the time (often the first questions people ask are; what is your name, and what do you do, right?). I created a set of 3 new business cards that help me fight ‘ranking’ and ‘being ranked’ in networking-situations.

  • The cards are a bit mysterious to keep the conversation open:). Yes, I’m a graphic designer and I’m proud to be one, but I also like to discuss politics, have a big interest in education, and do a bit of journalism on the side. Instead of talking about favorite fonts for the 10.000th time, I would love to discuss other interesting topics.
  • At the same time I want to listen. Not to people who are full of themselves and only have boring success stories, but I would love to come alongside people and hear about their passions, struggles. Connect or inspire them. The cards have quotes that hopefully communicate that I’m a ‘safe’ person to open up to. But also show my own vulnerability in that area. And… the set can inspire others to be truly good networkers too: great people to talk to and ask advice from, for me:).

Create your Skyline


The fact that I always like conversations with architects might explain why I married one;-). I find it just interesting how they think in terms of space, urban challenges and society in general (or a combinations of those three;-)). The client I made this business card for, is also one of those visionary architects with dreams for our city Hong Kong. Love that!

The concept of the card is, that receivers can create their own skyline: a ‘Do it yourself’ city. It communicates how we all have choices in creating our environment. With a little bit of help from urban designers and architects we might even be able to change the world… that is: in a physical sense;-).