Disappearing Ink Book


Amazing: a book that only lasts two months after you’ve opened it. Eterna Cadencia, an Argentinean indie publisher and bookshop, released ‘The Book That Can’t Wait’ last year, using a special ink that starts to disappear once it comes into contact with air and light.

The stunt was aimed at helping first time authors to get their stories read, rather than waiting on the shelf. This time you’re on a time limit: “Books are very patient objects. We buy them, and then they wait for us to read them. Days, months, even years. That’s OK for books, but not for new authors. If people don’t read their first books. They’ll never make it to a second.” Watch the charming little clip about the project here.

For those with busy lives, finishing a book can be an elusive task continually pushed to the bottom of to-do lists, right along with reorganizing a closet and learning French. I really like how Eterna Cadencia used creative new means of technology to make this urgent statement about books.