Oddly Shaped Cutlery Stimulates Senses


Fascinating how a blend of east and west sometimes lead to the most amazing products. Like this oddly shaped cutlery designed by Jinyun Jeon. He’s South Korean, but received his education in Eindhoven (Netherlands). I often watched my Asian friends eat and they put so much more energy and passion in the process of eating. Some people are bothered by all the noises they make along the way but I think people do have a point when they argue that everything just tastes better with a little bit more oxygen:)

Jinhyun Jeon has created a collection of peculiar-looking tableware that stimulates the senses in a different way. Believing that taste is affected by five factors—temperature, color, texture, volume/weight and form—the designer’s oddly-shaped forks and spoons are designed to turn the process of eating into something much more than only chewing and swallowing. In addition to increasing the enjoyment of eating, they are also meant to promote healthier eating habits—such as, eating slower and consuming less sugar due to enhanced taste of sweetness.

Something that can give a creative twist to the Christmas dinner next week:)?