Alternative Networking


Why do most of us love to meet new people… but hate going to networking events? I spent some time pondering on that. My thoughts resulted in a new personal network-strategy. One that is a bit of an experiment… so please let me know what you think:).

I’m not a shy person and I love to have a good discussion about any given topic, but I still feel aversion when I’m entering the networking-arena. Probably the main reason why I don’t like networking is because I feel ranked all the time (often the first questions people ask are; what is your name, and what do you do, right?). I created a set of 3 new business cards that help me fight ‘ranking’ and ‘being ranked’ in networking-situations.

  • The cards are a bit mysterious to keep the conversation open:). Yes, I’m a graphic designer and I’m proud to be one, but I also like to discuss politics, have a big interest in education, and do a bit of journalism on the side. Instead of talking about favorite fonts for the 10.000th time, I would love to discuss other interesting topics.
  • At the same time I want to listen. Not to people who are full of themselves and only have boring success stories, but I would love to come alongside people and hear about their passions, struggles. Connect or inspire them. The cards have quotes that hopefully communicate that I’m a ‘safe’ person to open up to. But also show my own vulnerability in that area. And… the set can inspire others to be truly good networkers too: great people to talk to and ask advice from, for me:).

Winter Picnic Pants


Friends… this is probably the most literal example of functional fashion design i’ve seen in ages. I’m not sure if I would ever wear these Picnic pants (designed by Italian company Acquacalda) but I just couldn’t help loving the stretchy, washable fabric that spreads out, when you sit cross-legged. And isn’t that drink-holder on the right side, totally fascinating in itself?

Hmmm… I’m having second thoughts, those pants would be super comfy for my ‘Home Alone’ TV-dinners when Willem is out of town… private winter-picnics:).

Secret Lives of Milk


Information is beautiful! This infographic is a great example of that notion. And even the title of this nice piece of work is intriguing: ‘the secret lives of milk’ (done by Seattle based designer Rachel Glaves).  Apart from that the whole illustration made me crave for cheese friends,  I just can’t ignore my Dutch roots;-).

Papercup: Bookshop Stationary

2013 0530 bookmark

‘Let us read and let us dance, these to amusements will never do any harm to the world’ This quote is on one of the new series of bookmarks I made for the bookshop (where I work every Thursday;-)).

The bookmarks have quotes on them of famous writers about reading. As of today you can purchase them in the Mui Wo bookshop on Lantau Island. Truly a wonderful place to go to, if you’re a book-lover, that is. I will put them in the Papercup webshop next week too;-). (Pre-order a set of 5 for HKD35/ E3.50 to hand out to your bookclub-friends;-))

Coffee Infographic

infpgraphic coffee

Coffee: Is there anything it can’t do? I just read this interesting article on the website of Time-magazine about a coffee-powered car that broke a World Record this past week. Isn’t that amazing? In honor to that, I’d like to share with you an info-graphic about how to brew the perfect cup. After all it’s also important to keep your own engine running;-)

The New York based designers of Plaid Creative made this one. I really like the simplicity of the design. Check out their website here.

Carrot Carving and Cookbooks

Flyer kookboek

Sometimes a job requires to learn a new skill. In the case of this flyer I capacitated myself in the noble art of carrot-cutting;-). Do you like the result;-)?

The flyer was made for the promotion of a special cookbook made for people who suffer(ed) from cancer (published by Moermanvereniging). It includes all kinds of super healthy recipes to help people gain back their strength. I chose to make carvings in a carrot because the people who use it, mostly have scars/marks themselves. But the carrot also looks strong and healthy. Hopefully the food in the book will help all recuperating patients to regain that strength very soon…