How to Write a Good Newspaper Ad


Newspaper ads are one of the most misunderstood ways of advertising. You have to be aware of one very important thing: people read the paper for news and information, not because they need anything or are interested in your product. Below three suggestions that help you make an effective ad:

  • Make a little story instead of an description by using an attention getting, benefit driven headline, a little infographic or a relevant picture;
  • Include a big promise and make sure it’s followed by a clear ‘call to action’;
  • Don’t use too much copy if the ad looks chaotic and too full, people don’t even bother to read it.

This ad was printed in the South China Morning Post this weekend. I made it for Hong Kong based Tax/Law Firm Triple Eight as part of it’s bigger media-campaign. Check out that yummy egg-tart;-)


Inspiring Spaces Help us Move Forward

green composition

This week I’m working on an article about poor housing situations in Hong Kong. Especially regarding space. Of course we all know that housing fulfills physical needs by providing security and shelter from weather and climate. But the fact that living in a cramped environment with no privacy, has such an enormous impact on our psychological well-being too, is something I didn’t realize.

Buildings affect our psyche as well as our bodies. They can be inspiring and supportive of daily activities, or they can depress our spirits and undermine the best intentions we have in terms of work, side-projects and new initiatives. Inspiring spaces help us move forward and reach our goals in life. This picture I took this morning during my coffee-break… I liked all the greens together. I hope it’ll inspire me enough, to finnish that article today;-)

Expressive Tape Concept

caroline koster

I just love the metaphor of this little project, done by Dutch designer Carolina Koster. It uses the features of tape (stickiness) to express the concept of getting attached to someone or something and being damaged when you have to let go the things that are dear to you (it can literally ‘tear you apart’).

At the end of 2010 Carolina Koster started this, as a bigger project MESSAGE SENT. The series contains designs (messages) in which language, object and space, form a relationship with one another. Check her out at: And… if you have a hard time letting go (like me;-)), buy her tape, it’s therapeutic;-)

Tote Bag with Hidden Puppet


It’s true… tote bags have been a medium of communication for quite some time now. Last summer I spotted at least 20 different tote bags with prints and words on it, as part of street wear in Berlin.

This design adds a fresh feature to the whole concept of the tote-bag as communication tool. Japanese studio Nendo came up with the idea, for ROOTOTE. Many of the ROOTOTE bags have surface designs done by artist and designers. Nendo had something else in mind. They decided to shape the distinctive signature side-pocket of a ROOTOTE bag, instead of doing a surface design. They made it into a hidden puppet. The pocket comes in four different shapes: a kangaroo, bear, human being and dinosaur. They can bring non-verbal communication with tote bags to a whole different level;-). It should be fun to see them ‘work’ in real life… much more fun than a text or a print could ever be;-).

Create your Skyline


The fact that I always like conversations with architects might explain why I married one;-). I find it just interesting how they think in terms of space, urban challenges and society in general (or a combinations of those three;-)). The client I made this business card for, is also one of those visionary architects with dreams for our city Hong Kong. Love that!

The concept of the card is, that receivers can create their own skyline: a ‘Do it yourself’ city. It communicates how we all have choices in creating our environment. With a little bit of help from urban designers and architects we might even be able to change the world… that is: in a physical sense;-). 

Christmas Fair Trade

Christmas is in the air! It’s one of my favorite seasons with lots of festive moments to look forward to. Among those moments is the Fair Trade Fun Fair that’s going to be held in Union Church (Kennedy Road 22, Hong Kong, 9th of December). They will sell lots of unique products from Mongolia, Nepal etc. and support the local communities out there at the same time. I did the flyer en poster design for the event. The sparkling stars represent little glimmers of joy, warmth and sincere attention in a grey and indifferent world.

Pavel Puhov’s Guerilla Urbanism

I stumbled upon a great artist from Russia. His name is Pavel Puhov and I really like the way he’s using urban objects and alters them into something else. Something that adds a deeper meaning to the original object, something that is an accusation to a city council or something that’s just more beautiful than the original thing.

He’s part of a bigger group of artists, architects and designers who call themselves guerilla urbanists. They want to make urban places, people places that are inspiring to those who use them. As far as I’m concerned guerilla urbanists deserve a bigger platform in our cities.