DIY Knitted Coffee Sleeve

knitted coffee sleeve2

I love Autumn, and I love my take-away coffee in Autumn even better! Finally I don’t have to order it iced anymore;-). This knitted coffee sleeve adds just that extra cozy touch to a nice cuppa, don’t you think? I found this one on whirly bird’s blog and I think it’s the perfect refilling, chilly evening project for a not-so-talented knitter like myself;-).


Printable Wrapping Paper (2)

wrapping paper

I really like little details, that means automatically that I like to spend time on wrapping things nicely in beautiful colored paper, with ribbons and funny cards. I was working on a Christmas flyer for a Fair Trade Fun Fair that’s coming up and I got inspired to make the pattern, into some sheets of cool wrapping paper. The color-palette is festive for all the upcoming December celebrations, but at the same time it’s also fresh and modern looking.

If you like it, you can download the wrapping paper here (A3 size) and here (A4 size) for free and print it yourself. A little surprise for the holidays from my studio (only for personal, non-commercial use).

DIY Geometric Notebooks


I love notebooks and I love DIY projects so to me, the Curious Doodles items are irresistible. You can find this geometric embroidery kit here in Curious Doodles’ Etsy shop. Each kit comes with two perforated and ready-to-stitch notebooks, red and teal thread and you can use the pattern included in the kit or create your own.

Laura Trimmell, artist behind Curious Doodles: ‘When I looked at embroidery kits out there, I couldn’t find anything that appealed to my aesthetics. This is when I started applying my own graphic sensibilities to a very old craft. I love mixing the old and the new by combining Redwork stitching with paper and wood.’ I totally found my Sunday afternoon project;-) (via)

Fresh from the Oven Packaging


Does it make cookies and muffins more fresh, when you start eating them straight from the oven (packaging;-))? No, but it IS a really creative and lovely idea to pack them like this and stress the ‘home made-ness’ of the baked goods. Love it!

Saturday Mfg. came up with a creative cookie packaging design for ‘Thelma’s Treats’. The new boxes are designed to look like old-fashioned stoves and the cookies come out of the box the same way—appearing as if they are sliding out of an oven on baking sheets. (via)

And check out this incredibly cute cupcake box by Claudine Hellmuth. It makes the perfect way to deliver a single cupcake but what’s even better: you can create the box yourself using the template and instructions for sale in Claudine’s Etsy shop. (via)