Autumn Writings


Autumn finally arrived in Hong Kong as well. The cool, fresh air… what a relief to feel a breeze again when you step outside! I love this season in the city, you’re still able to wear your summer clothes with an extra sweater… great months for hiking and… writing!

I finished quite a few articles this month about Occupy Central (unfortunately only in Dutch) for Nederlands Dagblad and China2025 and I did a set of short interviews with protesters for One World. I also finished a piece about how Shakespeare is being used in diplomacy with China (you can find one of the versions here).

At the moment I’m working on a long-read about the influence of pop-culture/fiction and fandom in recent revolutions/demonstrations in Asia. Keep you posted:)

Trustworthiness of Beards

2012 1202 Beards

Beards can make you look older and wiser… or more traditional in certain parts of the world. But can you trust a bearded man? A very interesting question for all Dutch kids who will celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) this coming week;-).

According to this funny infographic, the shape Sinterklaas’ beard is an indication that our young friends don’t have to be afraid. Sinterklaas is a good guy;-)! Beware of other bearded men though! Click on this link to see the whole infograph and more interesting work of New York based designer Matt McInerney: