Lots of Little Black Dresses


The little black dress, the Chanel suit and Chanel No.5… all items are still part of today’s universal fashion vocabulary. But it’s not only those objects that are fascinating parts of ‘The Chanel Legend’ exhibition i’ve been to this weekend. Coco Chanel’s extraordinary life is also highlighted in the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. Her quotes like: ‘A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed’ and ‘Life didn’t please me, so I created my life’, are embedded in a complete black and white setting.

The designs of Coco Chanel unchained a revolution in the way woman dressed in the 20th century. I love the brand, I love the heritage and I also love this exhibition!

Gemeente Museum Den Haag, The Netherlands, till 2nd of February. (Did you know that precisely one year ago I did a little job for Chanel, I was so excited!). If you’re interested, check out this post).


Winter Picnic Pants


Friends… this is probably the most literal example of functional fashion design i’ve seen in ages. I’m not sure if I would ever wear these Picnic pants (designed by Italian company Acquacalda) but I just couldn’t help loving the stretchy, washable fabric that spreads out, when you sit cross-legged. And isn’t that drink-holder on the right side, totally fascinating in itself?

Hmmm… I’m having second thoughts, those pants would be super comfy for my ‘Home Alone’ TV-dinners when Willem is out of town… private winter-picnics:).

It’s a Wrap


Check out my new smuk! It’s a scarf/skirt/picknick blanket in one, made by my dear friend Femke who collects different fabric from all over the world to make this awesome fashion-invention. My smuk is from Myanmar and I’m planning to buy another lovely one from Bhutan, Femke brought some great patterns back from her travels in developing areas to fashionable Hong Kong:

“In few truly remote places around the world, people, mostly female, still hold on to traditional clothing. With their beautiful colours, prints and dress codes they represent minorities, nations or only a small village. Whilst we might not want to wear the whole outfit, hints of it can brighten up a simple shirt or jacket.”

Isn’t it just great, how this creative project can give cultural heritage a whole new platform?! Get yourself a smuk at www.smukshop.com 

Hugged by Your Own Clothes


‘A coat for the cold and lonely’, that’s what Huffington post wrote about this jacket. ‘Hug me’ is the name of Si Chan’s collection of this season. The young designer from Macau connected some keywords to the pieces: comfort, protection, warmth, letting go. The small collection is like a short story of life. Six outfits represent their own little parts.

This coat is repeating the sleeves to make people feel not alone. For me it has the strong connotation of showing oneself instead of hiding. Asking for warmth and giving it too… an introvert piece and extravert one at the same time. Love it! (Via)

Infographic Colour-Blocking Queen


I stumbled upon this great infographic done by Vogue. The magazine documented every outfit queen Elizabeth wore for one year. So interesting, she totally seems to embrace colour-blocking;-). Sixty years on the throne and still so up-to-date on fashion trends;-). Only 3% of her outfits were grey or black, and she’s 87, can you imagine?

Nine out of ten Hongkies seem to think they can only wear black and beige after turning 25. Why so boring? Embrace shocking pink and buttercup yellow and brighten up someone else’s day! Like Rainbow Queen Elizabeth does all year round;-)!

Graphic Stockings

Autumn has finally arrived big time. And although that means something totally different for me, since I live in Hong Kong (no heavy winter-coats but wearing light sweaters instead;-)), it still comes down to digging up my warmer set of clothes for the season. For people who want to add something meaningful to their autumn-outfits; this pair of graphic stockings designed by the super cool French brand Les Queues de Sardines, is literally gonna make you stand out.

I’ve always been an admirer of people who make interesting fashion statements. This print of butcher cuts is not only hilarious but it also challenges people to think about how we sometimes view other beings as consumable. I’m not a die-hard feminist but I do think this piece of clothing addresses the leg-staring of some men in a very witty but effective way. Tasteful I would say;-)