Refill Bali-style #2

2014 0504 refill bali carrot

Many people consider drinking carrot juice one of the healthiest lifestyle choices possible. This awesome carrot drink is rich in multivitamins, beta-carotenes and antioxidants that cleans digestive system from toxins. It also helps the body fight against cancer and many other diseases. This recipe -that I took with me from Bali- uses lemon to balance out the sweet taste, with a surprisingly yummy result!


Oddly Shaped Cutlery Stimulates Senses


Fascinating how a blend of east and west sometimes lead to the most amazing products. Like this oddly shaped cutlery designed by Jinyun Jeon. He’s South Korean, but received his education in Eindhoven (Netherlands). I often watched my Asian friends eat and they put so much more energy and passion in the process of eating. Some people are bothered by all the noises they make along the way but I think people do have a point when they argue that everything just tastes better with a little bit more oxygen:)

Jinhyun Jeon has created a collection of peculiar-looking tableware that stimulates the senses in a different way. Believing that taste is affected by five factors—temperature, color, texture, volume/weight and form—the designer’s oddly-shaped forks and spoons are designed to turn the process of eating into something much more than only chewing and swallowing. In addition to increasing the enjoyment of eating, they are also meant to promote healthier eating habits—such as, eating slower and consuming less sugar due to enhanced taste of sweetness.

Something that can give a creative twist to the Christmas dinner next week:)?

Food concept: Edible Spoon


Pumpkin soup… finally it’s that time of the year that we can enjoy the sweet, lovely taste of comforting autumn soups again. I really like this season, although in Hong Kong we still don’t have to wear sweaters, you feel a cool breeze when you step outside and the air is crispy fresh when you go for a walk in the morning.

As I was browsing the internet for a nice recipe of pumpkin soup, I stumbled upon this super funny edible spoon. A great alternative for a boring breadstick and it is so easy to make with some puff pastry and grated cheese. Highly original to use for a foodconcept photo-shoot or just a casual dinner. Check out the whole recipe and template of the spoon here at the super inspiring, creative blog mejuffrouw Ekster (miss magpie).

Art is a matter of Taste


Art is a matter of taste;-). I wrote about artistic desert last week in this post. But of course it all starts with hand-picking the right colors, no;-)?! Check out this lovely pantone color cakes. Nothing beats those beautiful color-palettes from nature. Art Director Emilie Guelpa has managed to make them. You can see the whole photo-series here. Pantone color swatches are pre-defined colors in code that designers can use, so that when they print something, they know exactly how it will look like. Well I would love to use these in my work;-).

Design your Breakfast


Food design… people love it in Japan and make real artwork out of lunch boxes. But sometimes you just need some extra sunshine in the morning to make it through the day without putting to much effort into it;-). When your regular sunny-side-up eggs just won’t cut it — this Sunny Egg Shaper is the perfect food design tool to add some sunshine to your breakfast plates;-). You can get it here