Smoothie Refill Bali-style #3

2014 0517 refill bali green power

‘Eat your greens’ never sounded better than in this era of yummy green smoothies:)… awesome drinks that are super healthy on top of everything else.

This is the last refill-recipe in the Bali series. Happy weekend everyone!


Edible Flowers

flower popsicles

One reason why I’m happy to be back in Hong Kong is because the weather is so sunny, it feels like spring already. After all the rain and cold temperatures in Europe, it’s so nice to be able to walk straight up again in the warm sunshine (no heads tucked away between shoulders anymore:)). One month from now and we’re ready for ice-cream!!

Well actually I’m ready for ice-cream any time. And even more when we’re talking about an astonishing looking ice-popsicle Iike I found on the cool Australian foodblog Chew Town. Real edible flowers are being used in their recipe, but the popsicles are super easy to make. The perfect treat to celebrate spring with!

Food Carving #2

foodcarving_llian prhotography

A whole new world of food carving opened to me when I needed some instructions for a little project I’m working on. But the carrot in the pic is really out of my league… i’m stuck at this level unfortunately;-).

Isn’t it the most beautiful carrot you’ve ever seen;-)? Unfortunately I couldn’t track down the person who made this. But he/she sure is a real food carving artist!

You can make the Mondrian


Some art with your coffee today;-)? This cake, based on Mondrian’s iconic Composition in Red, Yellow & Blue, 1935-42, has been served since 2009 in the legendary SFMOMA Rooftop Garden cafe, a museum cafe in LA. The recipe is in this book: Modern Art Desserts, written by Caitlin Freeman. So you can make the Mondrian yourself!

Caitlin spent years crafting unique pastries for the SFMOMA’s cafe, taking cues from artists like Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Henri Matisse and Jeff Koons. The Mondrian however is still one of her biggest hits, so now you can even order your own for 75 USD here.

The amazing thing is that Caitlin apparently creates a new desert for each new show in the museum. She even has her own crowd of fans who specifically come to see her cakes instead of the artwork in the museum;-).

Veggie Visuals


I got a very sweet tweet today about a couple of visuals I made for MMV (they focus on healthy food habits to conquer or avoid cancer). Their copywriter (Zinenzo) liked how it turned out in their presentation and it’s so nice when clients actually let you know that;-).

I tried to make veggies look strong like trees where you can hide in and get shelter from. And of course the color makes them look fresh and yummy at the same time;-)

Healthy Smoothie Cards

ZZO smoothies

Happy 2013! How’s everyone doing with New Years resolutions;-)? I bet most of you want to start live healthier lives in the year ahead. At least that’s one of the things I’m sincerely going to try;-). Maybe these smoothie-cards will help with that. I made a set of seven for Dutch copywriter Zinenzo. Zinenzo requested to develop a smoothie-cards-set with cards for special occasions during the year. They will send them to clients as part of their customer relations policy. I tried to make the recipes as fresh as Zinenzo’s texts are;-).

The orange card is a Queensday smoothie, it contains carrot, fresh ginger, mango and apple juice. The green card is a Spring smoothie, it has banana, pear, fresh mint leaves and milk in it. Check out Zinenzo’s Facebook page, you can find the other recipes and send the smoothies as e-cards (free of charge)!

Z-Card Urban Discovery Hong Kong

‘Hei Fai’ or ‘Move your chopsticks’! Recently I made this Z-card for Urban Discovery’s Food Walk in Hong Kong. A guided food tour, sampling local street food in five different restaurants. The Z-card contains a map with the route, addresses and dishes. It has the dimensions of a business card but is A4-size when folded out. Urban Discovery also organizes very cool Heritage Walks, Art Walks and City Challenges in Hong Kong. Check them out:

Sharing a meal

This table forces some serious table manners upon you;-). It prevents a person from leaving the table before the other one has finished his meal… otherwise bad things will happen;-). I think it’s a great tool to discipline kids and some grown-ups too;-). It’s designed by Marleen Jansen ( a Dutch designer from Breda. Since I’m traveling back to my hometown Amsterdam tomorrow and looking forward to all the Dutch dinners I’m going to have with my family, friends and clients I thought this would make a good post for today;-)!

Edible Cookie Cup

Normally I’d love a coffee refill when anybody asks. In this case I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist eating the cup after drinking the coffee. Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi designed this edible cookie cup for Italian coffee brand Lavazza. The cup has sugar icing on the inside to make it coffee-proof.

I really like how this concept turned out and hope they’ll try different colored icing in the next product-update. Or what about icing that has a mint taste for fresh breath after your caffeine fix? I would love to have such a coffee with anyone. Interested? Let me know;-).