Small House Furniture

telephone seat

This weekend we said goodbye to our current apartment in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. We will move back to our much smaller place in Amsterdam end of January. Of course we had to get rid of a lot of stuff and surprisingly that felt very good. I like to travel ‘light’ in life. And it’s a lot of fun to brainstorm with my architect husband about refurbishing those 55m2. This vintage telephone seat from the sixties inspired me somehow: desk/seat/storage in one, and the looks are so lovely as well… why don’t they make these anymore:)?


Smart Furniture

blend en blender

This is on my wishlist! What an awesome idea to turn an old rocking chair in an uber-cool designed furniture piece like this. I found it when I was researching on a nice new coffice that I want to try out this summer when I’m back in the Netherlands. It’s called Blend&Blender and located in Amersfoort, right next door to where one of my best friends is living:). It would be perfect display for a big stack of books and an old vintage telephone, don’t you think?!