Shedworking: Shed of 2013

2013 Shed of the Year announced

I previously wrote about shedworking here. So I didn’t want to keep this news from you;-). Fighting fierce competition from over 1,900 creative garden dens, the Boat Roofed shed, owned by Sheddie Alex Holland from Machynlleth in mid Wales, has been crowned the winner of the 2013 Shed of the Year competition. The unique and beautifully crafted shed is no ordinary design. It has a recycled upturned boat for a roof and is located in the Cambrian Mountain range, mid Wales, the shack is made entirely from recycled materials.

What is Alex going to do withe the prize money? “With the £1,000 prize I intend to buy a second hand wind turbine to augment the solar panel to give me enough electricity to make ice in the fridge for gin and tonics, and to ensure the cider and beers are always chilled. I’ll then be able to have a proper party to celebrate with those who have supported me in getting so far.” A great idea Alex;-)! (via)

Trend: Shedworking


They’re cheap, chic, eco-friendly and above all – there is no commute. I wrote earlier about the rise of backyard offices here. But now I found out there’s a whole community that calls themselves shedworkers!

The famous shedworkers who have attracted the most attention are artists and writers such as Philip Pullman, Roald Dahl, Henry Thoreau and Henry Moore. But also non-creatives increasingly run businesses from a shed. Alex Johnson, blog author of Shedworking calls it the miniaturisation of the office workplace. Interesting concept.

It is a lot greener to move words, number and ideas than it is to move people” (Lloyd Alter, architecture expert at Totally agree with that!