hoofd plant

Cool hair, plant-friend:)! I made this plant-pot-cover this weekend and I’m working on a series. All different faces with different plants in it, so they have different coupes:). It would be a cool idea to put them in a barbershop, no?! But for now they stay at home with me:).

Maybe I will add some string in the next version, so it becomes a funny gift-bag as well for a small plant-friend to give away. A great present to all those peeps who secretly wanted to have green hair when they were teenagers (like me:)).


Printable Gift-bag

papercup printable

Funny little project I’m working on in the weekends. A gift-bag that resembles a house with a window you can look through. The inside has different kinds of wallpaper. It’s especially fun to use for small gifts for in the house.

I’m planning to make this one (and more projects) into printables and put it in the papercup-webshop. Would you like that;-)?