Graphic Stockings

Autumn has finally arrived big time. And although that means something totally different for me, since I live in Hong Kong (no heavy winter-coats but wearing light sweaters instead;-)), it still comes down to digging up my warmer set of clothes for the season. For people who want to add something meaningful to their autumn-outfits; this pair of graphic stockings designed by the super cool French brand Les Queues de Sardines, is literally gonna make you stand out.

I’ve always been an admirer of people who make interesting fashion statements. This print of butcher cuts is not only hilarious but it also challenges people to think about how we sometimes view other beings as consumable. I’m not a die-hard feminist but I do think this piece of clothing addresses the leg-staring of some men in a very witty but effective way. Tasteful I would say;-)


Infographic Moon

Today an infographic I made about the moon was published in a Dutch newspaper (Nederlands Dagblad). The key question of the article was: ‘What would happen if China colonized a part of the moon’. Conclusion: it would allow serious private investors to do business in space within a legal governmental framework. Surprisingly enough, that’s something a lot of space entrepreneurs are waiting for.