Autumn Issue Hollandse Nieuwe

HN herfst 2014

A new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out (I did the lay-out and design as usual). The theme of this magazine is Autumn Blues and it’s about all the lovely festivals, concerts and music-events in Hong Kong this autumn. Very practical to be up-to-date again myself on the secret music venues where all the ‘cool cats’ go:). You can read/see the complete magazine here (in Dutch).


Urban Colours in Feng Shui

HN ubarn colors

An new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out. I loved this magazine’s theme: Urban Colours. So many bright, colorful images and initiatives that take place in Hong Kong. It made me work on the lay-out with a big smile:).

One of the articles that I liked most was the interview with Thierry Chow, Hong Kongs’ most creative, young Feng Shui master. Truly a brave lady that tries to modernize this traditional Chinese area of industry. She explained a lot about the the role of colours in Feng Shui. Read the interview here.

Orange, the Dutch national colour, apparently has a lot of positive qualities: warmth (it’s the colour of summer), compassion, positivity etc. If you use it in your house it can improve the relationships between family-members and it increases chances for financial succes. I can use some of that so will put this orange magazine on top of my magazine-pile:).

Does China ‘Get’ Dutch Design?


The new Hollandse Nieuwe is out, (a magazine for the Dutch community in Hong Kong). Again I did the design for this special issue about… design:). We featured a lot of interviews  and articles about Dutch Design and the one-million-dollar question: do Chinese get the highly conceptual style of Dutch designers? I’m very curious… what do you think?

Neighborhood Insights

HN Buurt in beeld

A new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out (magazine for Dutch community in Hong Kong), themed: images of neighborhoods. It was such a delight to work with great, colorful photo material this time. The cover-photo for example, is shot by Kees Metselaar a Hong Kong based photo journalist. He led a fascinating professional life portraying wars, uprisings and cultural changes in (South-East) Asia. Check out his other work here.

Fresh Lay-out

HN zomer2013

The new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out!. The magazine of the Dutch Community in Hong Kong has been printed and I got my issue yesterday. Since last winter I’m doing the lay-out and design of this magazine and I slowly started to change the look bit by bit (don’t want to shock the readers too much;-)).

This time I worked on the table of contents… to make it more visual. Also the cover and banners started to look more glossy and fresh. Do you like it so far;-)?