MONU: Indoor Urbanism


Our Article ‘Hong Kong Outside In’ got published in the new issue of MONU, a great international architecture magazine. I wrote it together with Inge Goudsmit (OMA, Hong Kong).

If you’re interested: the complete magazine is about interior urbanism, a fascinating topic if you ask me. You can get your copy here.


Autumn Writings


Autumn finally arrived in Hong Kong as well. The cool, fresh air… what a relief to feel a breeze again when you step outside! I love this season in the city, you’re still able to wear your summer clothes with an extra sweater… great months for hiking and… writing!

I finished quite a few articles this month about Occupy Central (unfortunately only in Dutch) for Nederlands Dagblad and China2025 and I did a set of short interviews with protesters for One World. I also finished a piece about how Shakespeare is being used in diplomacy with China (you can find one of the versions here).

At the moment I’m working on a long-read about the influence of pop-culture/fiction and fandom in recent revolutions/demonstrations in Asia. Keep you posted:)

Exhibition Vintage Jewellery

parisian zoophoto 6

Some projects are so lovely to work on that you hate to finish them. End of this summer I worked on the catalogue and exhibition-printwork / window stickers for a very special exhibition called Parisian Zoo. It was a 2 week event all about vintage animal jewellery organised by the experts of Palais Royal in Hong Kong.

For the catalogue I used the idea of an old-fashioned zoo with different sections. Every page had a different product-photo and each time a different section/text-box was filled with details. It was really a pleasure to work with these art and design loving people:)

Coffee Impressionism

coffee impressionism3

What to do during energy-sucking hot and humid weekends in Hong Kong? This type of iced-coffee always gets my creative juices flowing:). Make some strong coffee with your French press, add a lot of ice-cubes and start experimenting with the secret ingredient; spoons full of sweet condensed milk:)! You can find a more detailed recipe here.

To me, coffee and creativity are always connected to each other… whether it’s fuel for conversations with inspiring people or the getting-the-right-state-of-mind drink for a productive morning behind a laptop. How’s that with you:)?

Housing Hong Kong Infographic


This is pretty much the housing skyline of Hong Kong. A shocking 62% of all Hongkongers lives in a public or private housing estate.

I promised regular updates on the boring city our housing estate research; we’re making progress! One of our articles got accepted as part of the Open Society project of ArchiNed and the Dutch Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. It is going to be published early July. To be continued….

Funny… I found out that my research partner Inge Goudsmit is not only a very talented architect but also a real data-cruncher😉 we made some nice infographics with all the numbers that were generated. I did this housing skyline yesterday. Like:)?

Light of Truth


The light of truth was shared and proclaimed last night in Victoria Park to remember the students who got killed at Tiananmen Square in ’89.

This candlelight vigil in Hong Kong is the only place on Chinese soil where people can openly commemorate the June 4th crackdown that happened 25 years ago in Beijing. It was a very powerful and breathtaking gathering. Six soccer fields packed with people who sang songs and carried a sea of light. An evening I will never forget!

Urban Colours in Feng Shui

HN ubarn colors

An new issue of Hollandse Nieuwe is out. I loved this magazine’s theme: Urban Colours. So many bright, colorful images and initiatives that take place in Hong Kong. It made me work on the lay-out with a big smile:).

One of the articles that I liked most was the interview with Thierry Chow, Hong Kongs’ most creative, young Feng Shui master. Truly a brave lady that tries to modernize this traditional Chinese area of industry. She explained a lot about the the role of colours in Feng Shui. Read the interview here.

Orange, the Dutch national colour, apparently has a lot of positive qualities: warmth (it’s the colour of summer), compassion, positivity etc. If you use it in your house it can improve the relationships between family-members and it increases chances for financial succes. I can use some of that so will put this orange magazine on top of my magazine-pile:).