Summer Projects #6: MONU Article / Inforgrahpics

2014 0815 Indoor space

I wrote about the Boring City Project before, remember? It’s a research project on Hong Kong’s housing estates that I’m doing with Inge Goudsmit since we’re both interested in topics at the intersection of architecture and psychogeography.

This summer we heard that our proposal for a big article in MONU (an international architectural magazine) was accepted. So we re-worked our data into an article about the relationship between housing estates and indoor urbanism (the overall-theme for the october-issue).

Hong Kong is a dual city; a metropolis where numerous parallel indoor worlds co-exist alongside the traditional, intense and vibrant city. It was fascinating to dive into the history of why/where this urban fabric originated and how it influences Hong Kong’s citizens.

This is one of the infographics that we included in our set of images.


Cards for Christmas

papercup xmas

Made a lot of new Papercup card-packs for The Bookshop in Mui Wo (Hong Kong) today. The cards were printed in Sheung Wan where I used to live, an area that traditionally has a lot of print shops around. Unfortunately, for most of these print shops, it is hard to survive modern times. By printing the cards in one of the few remaining traditional print shops in Sheung Wan, I’d like to support the neighborhood and it’s rich legacy.

The illustrations are nice to keep, frame or send for Christmas. You can also find them in my webshop.

Targeting Breast cancer with Design

2013 1021 bookcover

It was such an honor to make this cover for researcher Janneke Jaspers. She spent 6 years in the lab of NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute) to find out more on anti-drug resistance in mouse models of breast-cancer. The illustration on the cover is a dart/target board and a maze at the same time.

According to Janneke it was sometimes a real struggle and (re)search for useful data/output, I tried to visualize that in the cover. With the pinkish skin-tissue of the background the illustration also resembles a woman’s breast (in an abstract way of course).

I wish Janneke a lot of inspiration and perseverance in her future career in researching breast-cancer. A lot of woman are extremely thankful for what you’re doing… I’m one of them;-)!

Modern Illustrations of Fairytales


I was totally hooked when my parents started to read me Grimm’s fairytales before bedtime. I loved those amazing story’s so much, that I couldn’t sleep at all and continued fantasizing about them in bed hours after the light went down. The opposite of  what my parents hoped for, I guess;-).

That was then, this is now;-): simply love the modern interpretations of Grimm’s and Andersens fairytales done by Christian Jackson. Check out more of his work here.

Inspiration at work: Frank Chimero


Work, work, work that’s all I’m doing this week. Not much time for blogging or anything else. I felt like the man in this illustration the other day although in Hong Kong I’m probably not the only one working late;-).

I love this illustration done by New York based Frank Chimero. He’s an illustrator and author I greatly admire for some time now. If you’re working in the field of design, you should really read his book The shape of design. It’s about the creative process; the intersection of storytelling, craft and improvisation. After reading it, you just can’t stop working because you’re so extremely inspired;-).

Eye Candy Packaging

eye candy

This packaging makes me actually NOT want to eat the candy, because it’s a shame to throw away the great wrappings;-)! I really like how the two chocolate balls are transformed into these round, chubby sumo-wrestlers, only by simple illustrations. The drawings make such cute characters out of them, don’t you think?! These guys are for sale in Parknshop Hong Kong, but online, you can purchase similar chocolate balls here. They look better than they taste though. Another good reason to keep them in their ‘suits’;-)

Work in Progress


Working on some new proverb-cards for in the Papercup webshop. A nice job for a quite sunday morning with a coffee and my favorite music in the background. Do you like this one so far;-)? Take a peek in my shop for more cards and posters with inspiring texts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Printable Wrapping Paper

printable wrapping paper

Recently I heard a great quote at a video talk of Tina Roth (, inspriring blog!) that made me think: ‘The best way to complain is to make something’.

Just a day before that, I was actually complaining about a thing as trivial as wrapping paper. I’ve not yet found a place in Hong Kong where you can buy nice patterned, cheap wrapping material. But this quote made me do something about it;-). I made this printable wrapping paper in 15 minutes and the perky teapots made me happy at the same time! An attitude changed for the better.

If you like perky teapots;-), you can download the wrapping paper here for free. A little gift for the holidays from my studio (only for personal, non-commercial use).

Trustworthiness of Beards

2012 1202 Beards

Beards can make you look older and wiser… or more traditional in certain parts of the world. But can you trust a bearded man? A very interesting question for all Dutch kids who will celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) this coming week;-).

According to this funny infographic, the shape Sinterklaas’ beard is an indication that our young friends don’t have to be afraid. Sinterklaas is a good guy;-)! Beware of other bearded men though! Click on this link to see the whole infograph and more interesting work of New York based designer Matt McInerney:

New Cards / Posters Papercup

This week I could pick up two new cards and posters at my printshop in Sheung Wan. I’m happy with the result, because they are specifically suitable for adding to a book-present or hanging one of them in a study close to your bookshelves. I hope you’ll like them too;-).

Price poster: E15.00/HKD150.00, price cards (5pc): E2.50/HKD25.00. This week you can pre-order with a 10% discount by email.  Next week they’ll appear in the webshop