Summer Refill #3

You should definitely try this smoothie, it’s one of the best summer refills so far;-)! This smoothie is as fresh as a mojito cocktail, but without the alcohol. I made one of these last weekend, when we came back from a camping trip on Lantau island. Totally hot, sweaty, dirty with sand all over the place. You know that feeling, when you’re a little overdosed on the good stuff: bbq, chips, conversations, drinks? After a nice shower, clean sheets and a mojito smoothie, you’re back on track again.

Infographic Moon

Today an infographic I made about the moon was published in a Dutch newspaper (Nederlands Dagblad). The key question of the article was: ‘What would happen if China colonized a part of the moon’. Conclusion: it would allow serious private investors to do business in space within a legal governmental framework. Surprisingly enough, that’s something a lot of space entrepreneurs are waiting for.