Bedside Barista


The perfect wake up call if you ask me! What a great idea: combining an alarm clock with a coffee-machine that looks pretty awesome at the same time. On my wish list, thanks to Josh Renouf (who invented the Barisieur)!


Coffee Impressionism

coffee impressionism3

What to do during energy-sucking hot and humid weekends in Hong Kong? This type of iced-coffee always gets my creative juices flowing:). Make some strong coffee with your French press, add a lot of ice-cubes and start experimenting with the secret ingredient; spoons full of sweet condensed milk:)! You can find a more detailed recipe here.

To me, coffee and creativity are always connected to each other… whether it’s fuel for conversations with inspiring people or the getting-the-right-state-of-mind drink for a productive morning behind a laptop. How’s that with you:)?

Smart Furniture

blend en blender

This is on my wishlist! What an awesome idea to turn an old rocking chair in an uber-cool designed furniture piece like this. I found it when I was researching on a nice new coffice that I want to try out this summer when I’m back in the Netherlands. It’s called Blend&Blender and located in Amersfoort, right next door to where one of my best friends is living:). It would be perfect display for a big stack of books and an old vintage telephone, don’t you think?!

Light of Truth


The light of truth was shared and proclaimed last night in Victoria Park to remember the students who got killed at Tiananmen Square in ’89.

This candlelight vigil in Hong Kong is the only place on Chinese soil where people can openly commemorate the June 4th crackdown that happened 25 years ago in Beijing. It was a very powerful and breathtaking gathering. Six soccer fields packed with people who sang songs and carried a sea of light. An evening I will never forget!

Sunlight Pills; A Dose of Summer

sunshine pills

It keeps on raining and raining here in Hong Kong. This morning I even had to put on the lights because it was so dark and gloomy outside. I’m in serious need of some sunlight pills to boost the spring-feel in this place:)! Would it help to place a whole pack up in the sky to substitute for an absent sun:)?

Paris-based design studio Vaulot & Dyèvre has created this fun concept ‘designed to help you keep pale skin and depression at bay’. The “Sunlight Pills” range of supplements are literally glowing with summer goodness. Each set of pills in the collection encapsulates the sunshine of a tropical location, such as Seychelles, Bahamas and Borabora. Obviously Hong Kong is NOT in that list:).

Adventurous Dai Pai Dong Experience

Foodwalk Collage

Last Monday I did something extremely fun. I went on a Foodwalk with my clients and friends from Urban Discovery. Earlier this year I wrote more about their amazing heritage preservation work and efforts here but this Foodwalk just opened my eyes for a whole new level of ‘food heritage’ adventures that Hong Kong has to offer.

If you’re looking for great stories to tell to friends and family, you should definitely spend a night in Jordan area with one of the excellent guides of Urban Discovery. I got to know a lot of new fun facts about Hong Kong streetfood and received that extra push to try some weird but amazing dishes as well! This foodwalk has the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor eateries (you visit a total of 5 places). Highlights were a beautiful herbal teashop and eating snake soup!!

I like how the Urban Discovery guide Edmund managed to create a casual atmosphere but still was able to share a lot of super cool stories and experiences, bringing you to places you couldn’t manage to find on your own. Truly a night that will shape my food memories of Hong Kong! Find more info on the Foodwalk and Urban Discovery here.