Light Balancing Between Order and Chaos


There is really no reason why a candle has to burn from top to bottom – that is simply a tradition we have based on the way candles are conventionally made. Inspired by a model of molecular structures, Christoph van Bommel created this innovative alternative candle design, balancing between order and chaos. I like it a lot for this dark chaotic december month!



jellyfish lamp

“Light is the most mesmerizing metaphor in human civilization. It is about the joy of truth, benevolence, enlightenment as well ass the epiphany of wisdom and talent. This is also about the things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Light does not exist in a tangible, material world. It is a beacon guiding the relentless pursuit of meaning.” – Quote Paper museum Taipei

These cool jellyfish lamps (Medusae collection) are designed by Roxy Russel