Creative Street Map

potse This summer I was back in Berlin for a few days and picked up this lovely sketched-out guide to culture, food, and shopping on and around Potsdamer Strasse. A street affectionately known as “Potse” to locals and fans. Over the past five years, Potse has quietly evolved from being a uninteresting street connecting two re-emerging western Berlin districts to the city’s most concentrated hub for visual art and the things that go with it. One of my favourite places there is: Do you read me?! (a reading room and bookshop). Such a simple and lovely idea to execute on your favourite street in your city!


Creative Travels


Ohh how I love new places and great paper products. This Journey Journal presents the best of both worlds. Especially the front of the Journal is totally awesome. It features a map of Asia in which you can place the round fasteners (6) that come with your journal, on your destinations! But it doesn’t end there my friends…string is also included so you can make a line map of your travel plans. How cool is that! Designed and made with love and an adventurous mind by Cracked Design. Check out their Etsy shop before you plan your next trip.

Chanel booklet

2012 0130 Chanel

Together with Uban Discovery, I made this booklet for Chanel Hong Kong. It’s a little city-guide, that was used during Chanel’s boutique race 2013. The design is mostly done in black and white. The black text-boxes evolve in streetscapes on top of every page. The white boxes represent shop-windows, every checkpoint gives a sneak peak in one of the shops by means of a picture of the real Chanel shop-window. The numbers of the checkpoints have graphic similarities with the iconic Chanel nr. 5 parfume brand.

Z-Card Urban Discovery Hong Kong

‘Hei Fai’ or ‘Move your chopsticks’! Recently I made this Z-card for Urban Discovery’s Food Walk in Hong Kong. A guided food tour, sampling local street food in five different restaurants. The Z-card contains a map with the route, addresses and dishes. It has the dimensions of a business card but is A4-size when folded out. Urban Discovery also organizes very cool Heritage Walks, Art Walks and City Challenges in Hong Kong. Check them out: