Guerilla Gardening Sophisticated Style


Finally some great minds came up with confetti you don’t need to clean up after the party. You’re even doing everyone a favor by leaving it (outdoors) because flowers will grow out of these colorful chips of paper.

It made me think of the guerilla gardening we did a couple of years ago in Amsterdam with FoAM Lab. Back then we had to make our hands dirty with clay and water to make little scoops with seeds in it… this is much more sophisticated though;-). Very lovely idea executed by Niko Niko. Check out their website and confetti products here.

New Trend: Rise of the Backyard Office

backyard office

I read an interesting article on¬†about a new trend that is kind of connected to a trend I described here,¬†about mobile caravan stores: the rise of the backyard office. A backyard office has the best of both worlds, you’re getting away from your house every morning without actually getting away;-). No traffic, no commuting costs or space rentals: a perfect solutions for any start-up or crisis-hit company. But also when you need to facilitate employees, a backyard office is surprisingly a serious option. Check out this backyard office in Madrid, done by Selgas Cano Architects.

For Studio Refill I would prefer the little log-cabin Piet Hein Eek designed for Dutch Entertainer Hans Liberg. It’s his backyard recording studio in the middle of the woods. Now I know why Hans Liberg is so creative;-)