New Trend: Rise of the Backyard Office

backyard office

I read an interesting article on¬†about a new trend that is kind of connected to a trend I described here,¬†about mobile caravan stores: the rise of the backyard office. A backyard office has the best of both worlds, you’re getting away from your house every morning without actually getting away;-). No traffic, no commuting costs or space rentals: a perfect solutions for any start-up or crisis-hit company. But also when you need to facilitate employees, a backyard office is surprisingly a serious option. Check out this backyard office in Madrid, done by Selgas Cano Architects.

For Studio Refill I would prefer the little log-cabin Piet Hein Eek designed for Dutch Entertainer Hans Liberg. It’s his backyard recording studio in the middle of the woods. Now I know why Hans Liberg is so creative;-)