Fresh from the Oven Packaging


Does it make cookies and muffins more fresh, when you start eating them straight from the oven (packaging;-))? No, but it IS a really creative and lovely idea to pack them like this and stress the ‘home made-ness’ of the baked goods. Love it!

Saturday Mfg. came up with a creative cookie packaging design for ‘Thelma’s Treats’. The new boxes are designed to look like old-fashioned stoves and the cookies come out of the box the same way—appearing as if they are sliding out of an oven on baking sheets. (via)

And check out this incredibly cute cupcake box by Claudine Hellmuth. It makes the perfect way to deliver a single cupcake but what’s even better: you can create the box yourself using the template and instructions for sale in Claudine’s Etsy shop. (via)