Packaging Makes Mustache out of Paintbrush


It’s Movember so I thought a post about this awesome paintbrush packaging would be a must for this month;-). Canadian designer Simon Laliberte made all these different faces that were matched with a mustache/paintbrush;-). The pack contains two brushes, a big one and a smaller one that adds that extra sexy facial hair to the sketched faces;-). I like!


Fresh from the Oven Packaging


Does it make cookies and muffins more fresh, when you start eating them straight from the oven (packaging;-))? No, but it IS a really creative and lovely idea to pack them like this and stress the ‘home made-ness’ of the baked goods. Love it!

Saturday Mfg. came up with a creative cookie packaging design for ‘Thelma’s Treats’. The new boxes are designed to look like old-fashioned stoves and the cookies come out of the box the same way—appearing as if they are sliding out of an oven on baking sheets. (via)

And check out this incredibly cute cupcake box by Claudine Hellmuth. It makes the perfect way to deliver a single cupcake but what’s even better: you can create the box yourself using the template and instructions for sale in Claudine’s Etsy shop. (via)

Packaging: Young Architects Box

Unit bricks

Remember I wrote last summer about a nice ‘playdate’ with some architects here? After that great night, I worked with Unit Bricks on the branding and packaging of their new products ‘Mini-Unit Bricks-Builder’ and ‘Mini-Unit Bricks-Architect’; sets of bricks/blocks that can help kids learn more about maths, but also about the history of cities an de evolutionary process of building.

Last week the boxes were finally printed and packed with blocks in Thailand! Hooray;-)! I especially like the timeline on the sides of the box, with the best architecture history has to offer… in bricks! Find out more about Hong Kong based Unit Bricks here.

Eye Candy Packaging

eye candy

This packaging makes me actually NOT want to eat the candy, because it’s a shame to throw away the great wrappings;-)! I really like how the two chocolate balls are transformed into these round, chubby sumo-wrestlers, only by simple illustrations. The drawings make such cute characters out of them, don’t you think?! These guys are for sale in Parknshop Hong Kong, but online, you can purchase similar chocolate balls here. They look better than they taste though. Another good reason to keep them in their ‘suits’;-)

Illustrations Tea Packaging

2013 0416 ms tea1stuartkolakovic-tea-packaging

My parents were visiting Hong Kong last week. It was wonderful to spend some time with them. On one of their last days here, my mom wanted to buy some Chinese tea for her friends back home. Before we started hitting the streets, I had to pick something up at Marks & Spencer and guess what: we ended up buying more tea at M&S than in the traditional Chinese shops;-). Stuart Kolakovic made these beautiful illustrations on the packaging that makes the tea just irresistible, don’t you think?. Check out more of his work here.

Block Play Session with Architects

I’m working on the graphic style, packaging and curriculum of a very cool product. Bricks/blocks that can help kids learn more about maths but also about the history of cities an de evolutionary process of building. Tim, toy-hunter based in Hong Kong, wants to create an experience for kids that provokes all the senses to provide powerful learning experiences.

Last friday we set up a play session with some architects friends to learn more about archetypical buildings ourselves! With the ingredients wine, pizza and blocks they built some incredible structures! It was fun to have this play-date at our age;-), it sure does stimulate creativity!

Edible Cookie Cup

Normally I’d love a coffee refill when anybody asks. In this case I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist eating the cup after drinking the coffee. Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi designed this edible cookie cup for Italian coffee brand Lavazza. The cup has sugar icing on the inside to make it coffee-proof.

I really like how this concept turned out and hope they’ll try different colored icing in the next product-update. Or what about icing that has a mint taste for fresh breath after your caffeine fix? I would love to have such a coffee with anyone. Interested? Let me know;-).