Papercup Bookmarks

PPC bookmarks

If you don’t have any plans yet for this beautiful public holiday (and you’re based in Hong Kong), come over to The Bookshop in Mui Wo on Lantau island! I stocked up new Papercup bookmarks and cards, and we have lovely new summer reads which you don’t want to miss out on:).


Cards for Christmas

papercup xmas

Made a lot of new Papercup card-packs for The Bookshop in Mui Wo (Hong Kong) today. The cards were printed in Sheung Wan where I used to live, an area that traditionally has a lot of print shops around. Unfortunately, for most of these print shops, it is hard to survive modern times. By printing the cards in one of the few remaining traditional print shops in Sheung Wan, I’d like to support the neighborhood and it’s rich legacy.

The illustrations are nice to keep, frame or send for Christmas. You can also find them in my webshop.

Printable Gift-bag

papercup printable

Funny little project I’m working on in the weekends. A gift-bag that resembles a house with a window you can look through. The inside has different kinds of wallpaper. It’s especially fun to use for small gifts for in the house.

I’m planning to make this one (and more projects) into printables and put it in the papercup-webshop. Would you like that;-)?

Papercup: Bookshop Stationary

2013 0530 bookmark

‘Let us read and let us dance, these to amusements will never do any harm to the world’ This quote is on one of the new series of bookmarks I made for the bookshop (where I work every Thursday;-)).

The bookmarks have quotes on them of famous writers about reading. As of today you can purchase them in the Mui Wo bookshop on Lantau Island. Truly a wonderful place to go to, if you’re a book-lover, that is. I will put them in the Papercup webshop next week too;-). (Pre-order a set of 5 for HKD35/ E3.50 to hand out to your bookclub-friends;-))

Work in Progress


Working on some new proverb-cards for in the Papercup webshop. A nice job for a quite sunday morning with a coffee and my favorite music in the background. Do you like this one so far;-)? Take a peek in my shop for more cards and posters with inspiring texts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Papercup Card in blog ‘101 Woonideeen’

2012 1221 101woonideeen

Yeahhh one of my Papercup cards was featured in a blogpost of ‘101 Woonideeen’ (an interior design magazine in the Netherlands). It was an item about Christmas cards. The green tree in the Chinese proverb has a kind of Christmas-tree connotation that goes beyond those two days of celebrating Christmas in December. Funny… when making the design last summer I didn’t think of that at all;-). You can order this card and many others at my webshop:

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m off to Amsterdam for two weeks to spend the holidays with my dear family and friends. Great to celebrate the birth of Jesus with all my loved ones!

Etsy shop

As off today you can also purchase Papercup cards and posters from my Etsy shop. I’m very curious how this will work out, for it seems to be pretty hard to generate a lot of traffic to the original webshop Etsy is a community of people who love crafty stuff and the buying and selling is a ‘market place’ experience. So far I spend more than I earned so if you want to help me fix the balance, you’re very welcome to;-):

In the meantime I’m very open to any advice on how to increase the amount of visitors/buyers at Ideas?

New Cards / Posters Papercup

This week I could pick up two new cards and posters at my printshop in Sheung Wan. I’m happy with the result, because they are specifically suitable for adding to a book-present or hanging one of them in a study close to your bookshelves. I hope you’ll like them too;-).

Price poster: E15.00/HKD150.00, price cards (5pc): E2.50/HKD25.00. This week you can pre-order with a 10% discount by email.  Next week they’ll appear in the webshop

Papercup Cards in Bookshop

Very happy to announce that some of the Papercup cards are gonna be sold in two bookshops in Hong Kong! We still have to work out the details of the consignment but I’m already so excited about it. I know for sure, people would love the cards/posters more if they could actually see the quality of the print work and touch the paper. Selling online has it’s advantages but definitely also downsides, right?!

I’ll let you know more details when the cards are in the bookshops. Until then you can purchase from the webshop If you want to sell papercup stuff too, send me an email.

New Poster Papercup

Here’s a snapshot of the new A2-size poster I designed and picked up at my print-guy last week. It’s one of a series posters and cards on meaningful sayings. My experience is that words can be more powerful when they’re in constant eyesight. Think of the birthday calendar in a toilet or an old wall tile with a proverb on it. They’re there to remind us of things that are important, right?

I made this poster for the Papercup webshop, but I’ll put one on the wall close to my desk as well… a very important reminder of pursuing my dreams one step at a time;-).

You can pre-order this A2 size poster by email or buy it at a week from now. Damage: HKD150 / EU15 (no shipping costs).